A lost turn in family history

Actually, rather than a lost turn, we reached the wrong end of the lane. Back in 2002 we took my wife’s aunt on a jaunt in Cheshire, trying to find Lane Ends Farm where her dad and grandad had lived – grandad and great grandad for my wife. We all believed it was at Gawsworth but studies on detailed maps had not located us a Lane Ends Farm there but we did find one at Sutton nearby. In fact the village is even called Sutton Lane Ends. We went and took a look.

And here was a delightful Lane Ends Farm.


Now it has to be said straight away that our aunt felt sure this was not what she remembered and of course she was right. There is a Lane Ends Farm in Gawsworth which we found later. But there was a plaque at this Lane Ends and it caught my eye.

image004I’m a fan of Tunnicliffe, the bird artist and we have his sketch book of birds.


And there we have a long tailed tit – one of my favourites.

You might note that the year of publication of the book was the year the artist died. Apparently he saw the proofs, but not the completed book.

This picture, of spotted flycatchers was sketched out in Gawsworth in 1944.

image008The mallard sketches were also created in Gawsworth but back in 1935.

image010So Charles T. knew Gawsworth – hardly surprising as it is very close to his Sutton Lane Ends home.

I discovered a home of an artist I admire and ‘our’ Lane Ends Farm was found as well so all ended splendidly.


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