I am always fascinated by shipping, although less keen on being a traveller by ship. I’m not worried about safety, it is just that long sea voyages can be, for me, dull affairs. I’m not small talk social and have no desire to travel on a ship to do things I wouldn’t want to do on dry land. But watching the ships go past is fun and leads me to wonder where the cargoes are heading and what kind of life the crews have.

A recent sojourn on the Isle of Wight gave me time for ship gazing. This one was, I assume, making its way from the Southampton area along the Solent off Ryde.


Reading the name of the ship defeats the naked eye, but with camera and a bit of zooming it becomes clear.

image003This is the Sunshine Express and judging by its depth in the water and that clear load line, it may be lightly loaded.

With a ship’s name you can look it up on the web and find out about it. She is, almost inevitably, Panamanian registered and she is a 2011 built tanker. She’s some 175 metres long.

What I like, too, is that you can track where they go. A few days after I snapped the photo Sunshine Express was out in the North Atlantic.

image005She looks to be heading for Canada. In fact one of the web sites tells me she left Fawley on the day I saw her and is heading for Everette – wherever that is.

It doesn’t really matter to me, but I like to know.


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  1. Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions Says:

    Shipping is always fascinating. You’ll be amazed on the processes that have been made just to make sure that the shipment will be delivered to it’s destination efficiently and handled with care.

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