As a child I travelled on those wonderful electric powered trolleybuses from time to time. I couldn’t tell you precisely where – London for sure but I reckon I used them elsewhere as well. I may have used them in Brighton where they operated until 1961. I’m fairly sure I used them in the Bexhill/Hastings area where they lasted until 1959.

The sad fact is that I didn’t take much notice at the time and now, of course, I wish I had. My interest has been sparked by the discovery that I have a postcard of a very early tram which I think dates from 1911 in Bradford, Yorkshire.


The service to Dudley Hill, Bradford, was the first electric bus service in England in 1911. The term ‘trolleybus’ had clearly not been invented. Instead the vehicle is described as the new ‘trackless tram’.

It was a case of ‘first in – last out’ for this service which became the last trolleybus route in England to close back in 1972.

It seems a shame this type of transport lost out to the diesel bus although the diesel is more versatile, being a go anywhere vehicle. The trolley could only go where the wires could take it.


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