Micky on the Isle of Wight

Back in the late 1940s and into the 1950s a small tank engine was built for use on the railways of Britain. They were effective and useful engines that worked all over the place. Maybe they were deemed common and that earned them the nickname of Micky.

I recall travelling behind a Micky (more than once) on the Horsham to Brighton line. Actually I was a bit horrified by it for it purported to be an LMS engine – not native to my beloved Southern region. But at the time it would have been about a dozen years old and was more reliable and powerful than the Victorian locos it replaced.

In the mid 60s there were plans to send Mickys to the Isle of Wight to replace the even old Victorian locos still in use over there. Sad to say Dr Beeching and his political masters had other ideas and closed down most of what was left of the island’s rail network. The stub of a line that was left was electrified and ancient trains from London’s tube system were taken on to the island to run that line.

But now a Micky is in service on the Isle of Wight steam railway and a fine sight it makes at the head of carriages a good thirty or more years older than it.


And there we have Micky 41298 arriving at Havenstreet. The bit of engine we see in the yard is number 24, Calbourne – the type of loco the Micky might have replaced.

41298 may have been built at Crewe but she only operated on the Southern Region of British Railways. I never saw her in service then. She was based in North Devon – way out of my area.

We met the loco later as she approached Havenstreet again.

image004These days I’m very happy with the loco. She looks the part and she should have gone to the island 50 years ago.

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