Granny and Grandad get a garden

Life is so very different now from when my grandparents were young. Back when my dad was born, in 1919, the family household was a flat. It remained that flat until the Second World War disrupted life. The family home was Bexhill on Sea on the Sussex Coast. It was evacuated and the grandparents moved from one temporary place to another until a more permanent home – another flat – was occupied in Tunbridge wells. When Grandad retired – about 1955 – they moved back to Bexhill, to rooms in a house and then in 1957 they were able to rent a brand new home. This was a bungalow built especially for older folk. The home was great but it was a long way to shops and facilities.

For the first time Granny and Grandad had a garden to call their own and they made good use of it.


This photo of the couple dates from 1957 and shows them admiring their plot and planning what to do with it.

Granny would have been 65 and Grandad about 67 or 68. Grandad had suffered a bad leg for years.

This was a happy and cheerful home. I always enjoyed going there. My Granny and Grandad were such caring people. It was probably sometime around this time that Grandad achieved his ambition of getting £5 per week. He never achieved that as a worker. They were never well off but always seemed able to share what they had and in retirement they always had time for others. All the neighbours at this house were elderly and Grandad would call on several each day and make sure they were OK. I’d like to think I picked up much from them, both directly and via my dad.

Happy memories!


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