An Isle of Wight Terrier

It had to come! Having been on the Isle of Wight recently and having visited the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, there was bound to be a post featuring my favourite steam locos, the old London, Brighton and South Coast terriers. With a choice of trains, really there was no choice for me. On another day the Mickey (already featured on this blog) would have been fantastic, but on this day the other train in service was terrier hauled and that is just heavenly as far as I am concerned. So let’s go for a ride behind W11.


That’s her, being prepared and clearly she has steam to spare at this time.

And here she is at Smallbrook Junction, running round the train.

image004At the moment Smallbrook Junction – never a station in ‘real’ times – is the limit for the steamers. You can change at this new station onto the electrified Ryde to Shanklin line.

Number W11 backed down onto our train.

image006And granddaughter and son got a quick visit to the footplate.

image008And here’s the loco arriving at Havenstreet with its magnificent Victorian carriages.

image010The coaches have been rescued from all sorts of locations – beach huts mainly, mounted on more modern frames and wheels. Brilliant stuff – really bringing the past to life. The Train Story display at Havenstreet gives an idea of the amount of restoration involved.

image012Yes, these will run again one day.



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