Great Granny lived here

My wife was lucky enough to have truly known her great granny. Great Granny had been born in 1857 which made her a venerable old lady as remembered by my wife. She may have been born in Gloucestershire, but she was a long term resident in Cornwall, mostly in Redruth where she raised her family and then living with a daughter in St Austell.

Back in 1989 we took a look at the house on Poltair Road in St Austell.


That was it, with my wife standing in front. The

photo, pre digital of course, is stuck in an album and my wife wrote a note underneath it.


Great Granny, apparently, said that had she known she was going to live so long she’d have changed out of the long black dresses. She was just short of 101 when she died.

And here we see a group outside the same house in about 1952.

image006Great Granny is at the back left with Great Aunty Dolly holding the little girl who is now my wife. The man in the photo was my wife’s father and we do not know who the other lady is.



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