My Recorder

I refer here to a much maligned musical instrument.

Way back when I played this and was even a member of a small, local, recorder group. Perhaps I made bad decisions. Whilst I think of myself as quite musical, I am not a musician in that I really struggle with coping with those funny shaped blobs on five lines and the spaces in between. My inability to interpret written music at anything above a snail’s pace gives me sympathy for those classed as dyslexic.  Many very bright minds struggle with the interpretation of the written word – no different, really, from my problem with music.

I had friends, and a wife who enjoyed music and my reasoning went that I had been kind of forced to learn a descant recorder as a kid. I knew the fingering. If I went down an octave and got the tenor version then that would have the same fingering. And mostly it played at a slower speed than the high pitched instrument. I reasoned that I’d have more chance of coping. I ought to add that I actually really like the sound of well-played recorders.

So I got a tenor instrument and here it is. Well OK, this is the box.


Having got this out of the back of a cupboard – it has been untouched for years – I was pleased to see how battered it looked. It gives the impression that once it was used a lot and it has suffered the ravages of time.

Inside the box are the three pieces to put together.

image004Again, I was pleased to see that the mouthpiece looks well used. I recall paying quite a bit for this instrument (Well I think it may have been about £12 but that was a lot at the time). I’m glad to be reminded that I got my money’s worth out of it.

Let’s assemble the beast.

image006No! I’m sorry but you are not going to hear me play it. My fingers struggle to cover the holes well and if you don’t do that you get the unpleasant squeaks that many folks associate with these instruments.

If I play it at all at the moment it will be something a bit personal.



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