On Fegla Fawr

This is a little hill just about on the west coast of Wales and just south of the Barmouth Estuary. For those who want to know a single F in Welsh is pronounced as a V so Fegla Fawr ends up pronounced more like Vegler Vower.

One year in the mid 80s we drove to the campsite we had been to before and it had shut. Somehow it was suggested we could find a pitch on nearby Fegla Fawr. Yes, there would be disadvantages for there was no toilet and no water. But these little inconveniences could be overcome. We had a fantastic camp and here’s our set up from a bit higher up the hill.


The tent was the one my sister and brother in law had bought second hand in 1965 so it was getting on a bit by then. And you can see that green structure which was a toilet tent. We had taken our chemical loo so the absence of a toilet was no problem. Sharp eyed viewers will spot the Cambrian Coast railway line curving round on the right and in the midground there is a station.

image003This station was called Morfa Mawddach  and it had a loo and water. We could easily carry what we needed from there. By the way, this single platform request stop had once been called Barmouth Junction and the line to Dolgellau had headed off to the left.

So, with problems solved we could enjoy a camp and trips out in the car.

image004The car at that time was an Austin Princess. I had had to replace my much loved Maxi and that was what we got. It wasn’t a ‘me’ car at all. How we crammed tents, toilets, tables, chairs, bedding, cooking facilities etc plus four people in the car I really don’t know. But I do recall that I found hollow spaces between two skins of metal and I put tinned food over the wheel arches. Some of it I was never able to find again! I reckon some tins of peas went to the scrap yard in that car!

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4 Responses to “On Fegla Fawr”

  1. mukul chand Says:

    great post

  2. BEN CRIPPS Says:

    Superb post – a little area I know well, and walked within 30 yards or so of your campsite last week. What a lovely peaceful place to camp. Great nostalgic info about the car as well!

    • locksands Says:

      Thanks Ben. It was a favourite spot when our kids were young – they now have children themselves. Last year we travelled past on the train. That particular holiday remains special for me.

  3. BEN CRIPPS Says:

    I first holidayed in the area (at Arthog) with my parents and brother and sister in about 1964, and we had numerous further holidays at a number of other locations (Borth, Tal-y-Bont, Lwyngwril, the Peniarth estate near Bird Rock and Dolgelley are some that spring to mind) over the next 12 years or so. My parents bought, rebuilt and enlarged a cottage (Bodowyn) near Llanegryn, but my dad died in 1974 before they could move there and my mum sold it soon after. I have been back with my own family in more recent years, but until last week hadn’t visited since the late 1990s. I found that the area was just as magical, peaceful and beautiful as always (as I knew it would be) and will go back again when I can. I have posted some pictures of my own in my photostream on flickr (berkshire757). Ben

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