Aunty Betty

Yesterday my wife commented on the date. That’s Aunty Betty’s birthday, I think’, she said.

I checked it and it was. And not just any birthday. It is actually 20 years since Betty died, but yesterday would have been her 100th birthday.

So here, a day late, is a tribute to Betty in an old photo.


We think the chap on the left is Great Uncle Cyril but he looked much like his brother, Howard, who was my wife’s grandfather. The lad at the back we think is Dan who’d have been my wife’s cousin once removed. The lady at the back is possibly Lily or possibly Clara. Clara was the wife of the bow tied chap on the right and he was Percy.  The lady in the white cloche hat is Edith which leaves us with just the two girls. The little one, looking a tad miserable is Joyce who later became Mother in Law to me. Betty is the smiling, cheerful lass with little more than a head in the photo.

The surname of this family was Paul and the photo was taken in Cornwall, probably about 1926.

That happy, smiling Betty face sums her up for me. Happy hundredth, Betty.


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