Across the Forth Bridge

My first sight of the Forth Bridge was from a train crossing it in 1970. It ought to have been perfection. 1970 was the era of diesel trains which gave passengers a view past the driver and out of the front of the train. My wife (then fiancée) and I had the very front seats. We were set for a grandstand view.

But it was not meant to be. The Firth of Forth was swirling in really quite thick fog. The bridge itself was barely visible even though I was on it. My good old little Canon Demi did its best and this is what I got.


The train made good progress for AWS (which could stand for audio warning signalling) was in place. At regular intervals we could see the AWS ramp as the train ran over it and here the all clear bell for the driver. Even so it was quite disconcerting heading into the fog filled void at speed.

And that has remained, so far, my only train trip over the bridge. Of course, I have been up there by car and used the Forth Road Bridge which gives a chance to stop and enjoy both eras in bridge technology.


The 19th century bridge by Fowler and Baker is certainly magnificent. This photo dates from 2005.

The road bridge, of course, has had much publicised problems but is presumably OK now.


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