We live along an unsurfaced track and well away from minor luxuries like street lamps. Actually, I don’t think of street lamps as a good thing anyway. Without them we get a magnificent night sky with a wonderful milky way strewn across it. But it means that if we go out we need torches.

We learned this years ago (in 1970) when I lived in a flat on a street-lit main road. We walked a mile to a bus stop and caught the bus to Bath. On our return it was pitch black. The road from the bus stop was not lit. We could see nothing and the walk back to my flat was, to cut it short, difficult.

So these days torches are a fixture. Over the years we have had many of them and here’s a selection of some which survive.


There are all sorts there, mostly from jumble sales. One was a gift. One dates back to my childhood. A couple of them are LED. The rest use filament bulbs. The big ones require a lot of battery power.

These days it is mostly LED lamps and rechargeable ones.

My current pocketable torch is solar powered but with a cord that can be pulled if it runs down at night.


That’s mostly solar cells for charging the torch in daylight.

On the back is the handle on the pull cord for charging it without daylight.


It’s a bit of magic really!



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