At Sumburgh

Sumburgh is the southern tip of the mainland of Shetland. We were there in 2005. My camera at the time was fine, but didn’t have the optical zooming capacity I have these days, nor the large number of pixels which make digital zooming better. So my Sumburgh wildlife pictures are distant, but maybe it’ll tempt some folks to go there.

In the breeding season the cliffs, we are told, are awash with puffins.  But by August 12th when we were there we were lucky to see even one on the cliffs and here he (or she) is.


That was the full extent of optical zoom so now let’s stretch those pixels.


Well, not so bad!

But  better was to come, albeit distantly, for we had the good fortune, also, to spot a whale. We’d been told that the gloomy weather would not make a whale spot likely. Once again camera limitations reduce the quality, but the whale was swimming and surfaced only occasionally. Getting a camera pointing the right way and taking a photo produced quite a few shots containing just the grey waters of the north. But I did manage to capture a shot or two which showed the whale.


Once again we’ll need to do a bit of pixilation!


We think this is a minke whale but we are always prepared to be proved wrong.


So that was two magic moments at Sumburgh.



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