Great Aunt Sue – clowning around

Great Aunt Sue – clowning around

My dad was very fond of his Aunt Sue. He believed she had lost a boyfriend in World War One and as a result of not being married had landed the job of caring for her parents. It sounds as though she doted on dad – something he would have lapped up. She did marry, but not until she was 50 so for Dad as a young lad, Sue was the archetypal maiden aunt.

And she was willing to join in with family fun. Much of the fun seemed to take place at her sister’s house in Firle. There was clearly a clown costume.


Sue, dressed up and with huge gauntlets on, attempts to play a little squeeze box. I can almost hear the awful noise it must have made through some 90 years of time, for this was in the mid 1920s.

image004On the same day Sue attempts to ride a rather severe bicycle. It hasn’t got much of what you might need, like tyres, pedals and minor luxuries like brakes. People knew how to have fun 90 years ago!

I never knew this great aunt. She died four years before I was born. What a shame.




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