Jurassic Skyline

That’s what a lift/viewing tower is called in Weymouth. Weymouth is in Dorset and much of the Dorset coast is known as The Jurassic Coast because of dinosaur finds. This visitor attraction is right on the edge of the sea on the harbour wall

We visited at the end of April and decided the weather was OK for aerial views so we took a ride. Essentially you are lifted upwards in a glass doughnut shape, sitting on a seat and looking outwards. This rises 53 metres (174 feet) up a tower and then does two full horizontal rotations so that you get an all-round view twice. We went as a group of four which made it £6.50 per person. We were the only four riders on our trip. It’s a good ride and the views are splendid so here’s a collection.


That’s the tower with the doughnut at the top.

This is the previous trip coming down to earth again


There’s a lot in the next picture. The tall ship, The Pelican is at the dockside. Beyond it is Nothe Fort and then Portland Harbour and the headland of Portland Bill.


Weymouth Harbour heads in some way up river.image008Weymouth sea front and beyond you can see the sea beyond Chesil Beach. It looks, but can’t be, much higher than the local sea.


Fairground fun on the beach.


The Victorian clock tower is near the left end of that photo but I was looking more at the lovely Dorset Hills.

A wider view of Weymouth.


It looks like a model village from up the tower.


There’s a clear view of the Osmington White Horse complete with kingly rider.


Shipping berths – but Weymouth is not, at the moment, a ferry terminal.


And we are round and can see Pelican again.


Nothe Fort and Portland Harbour walls.


The orange item is Weymouth lifeboat. My cousin’s son was a crew member at one time.


Portland Bill.


Miniature people down below.




Our shadow.


And back down to earth we came. We enjoyed it and would have liked longer.



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