A past scene

I was brought up in the prosperous south east corner of Britain and in my memory the horse did not feature in farm work. There were plenty of older tractors about but my childhood was an era in which the little grey Fergie ruled supreme. However, back in the west of Ireland in 1971 old styles and methods hung on and here – a road scene – we have a case in point.


A lovely horse – I have no idea what breed – is hauling a load of hay. Now in my South of England life, hay was baled. Here, clearly, it is loose so it was both horse and hay that attracted attention and made me get out the old little Canon Demi camera and take a photo. I suspect the two wheeled cart would be interesting as well, but that is all but lost under the hay. I rather assume the driver has made himself a seat in the hay from where he can issue instructions to the horse, presumably via a rope we see going back from the bridle.

I feel truly privileged to have witnessed these older ways of farming, albeit when I was adult. These days it gives me an insight into how my Sussex farm labouring ancestors must have lived.


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