Milton Lilbourne School

At the beginning of the month it was the Urchfont scarecrow weekend. This is a wonderful event, not least because it is very friendly and you can chat with perfect strangers.

I found myself in conversation with a man who lived in the little village of Milton Lilbourne. It brought back memories.

Back in the 1970s, my wife was a teacher at the school in the village. She left in the early part of 1977. Our first child was expected.

But the following year we were at the school for a celebration. It was 100 years old. We have a commemorative mug.


I fear the glaze was always crazed. This mug has been kept as an ornament and never used. It outlines the facts. Milton Lilbourne School opened its doors back in 1878 so celebrated its centenary in 1978.

A small leaflet with some school history was produced as well.


There’s the school – typically Victorian. It is semi-detached for the far end was designated as the schoolmaster’s house although by the time we knew it the house was occupied by others.

Inside there are extracts from the school records from those 100 years.

This little leaflet ended with a look forward to the next 100 years.

But the school didn’t make it. Pupil numbers dwindled – not because of any problem at the school. The number of possible children just got less. Inevitably, the school was closed with the end coming in 1985. The village has now been without a village school for more than thirty years.  The children my wife taught are now well into their 40s. The oldest children from when she started at the school will be in their 50s now.

Time flits by!

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One Response to “Milton Lilbourne School”

  1. Chris Wardell Says:

    Hi, I’m Chris Wardell. My two boys, David & Steven went to Milton Lilbourne school during the seventies, and i bought it in 1994 when it was empty. I converted it into a house,

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