Hoyles Cave

Back in the early 1980s we took a holiday in Pembrokeshire. We took our nephew with us. Amongst our adventures, we found a cave called Hoyle’s Cave. And there are nephew and son in the cave.


We also visited Tenby which has an island accessible at low tide. We got across to this and found it was labelled as ‘The Castle of the Count of Monte Cristo’. We explored this island and got back before the tide covered the beach.

image004This was in my era of writing computer programs and back at home I set about writing a text adventure which had Hoyles Cave emerging into the Castle of the Count of Monte Cristo.

Text adventures are things of the past. They had no graphics and used words to create an atmosphere about surroundings. They were a kind of puzzle trail where you had to find things that enabled you to move on. The basic frame work was a grid of locations from each of which, with luck you might be able to move to a neighbouring one. Sadly, I remember almost nothing of the aim of this puzzle program or how many locations there were, or what problems had to be solved. It needed a huge amount of testing after it was written. I thank many family members and friends for that. I thought it had been published as a listing in a computer magazine but I can’t locate it. And that, sadly, means it is lost and gone for ever.

But the real locations and my imagination still remain.


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