Worthing Beach

I grew up little more than 25 miles from Worthing. We never went there. My dad had no taste, really, for seaside towns with no other function other than holiday places and retirement homes. I tend to follow him in that view.

I used to go to Worthing as a train spotter – not because Worthing attracted but because this enabled a train to pass the Lancing Carriage Works which were home to a couple of my favourite ‘Terrier’ locos and also because the local runabout ticket allowed one to go to Worthing.

I have a memory of once going to the seafront and not being much impressed.

Last month we made a trip to Worthing. Sorry Worthing. I still wasn’t impressed all that much. The sea front seemed to be a way of taking money off motorists (to park) without offering them very much. However, we were there for a purpose and parked up in a multi storey park near Howarth – the oboe maker who we needed to visit and not that far from the front. We took a picnic and as it was a tad breezy we quite fancied sitting in one of the shelters with a sea view. But the seats on the sea facing side were no longer there so we sat on a seat facing the sea but with the main road just behind. It just didn’t feel welcoming.

The interesting things I found to look at included the pillars, way out to sea.


These seem to be the as yet incomplete wind turbines of a massive off shore windfarm being constructed along 20 miles or so of the Sussex coast. They are way, way out to sea and don’t really represent an intrusion on the sea view.

There was also a winch on the beach to take a look at.


Clearly this had been used to haul fishing boats ashore as happens at Dungeness and also at Hastings. I enjoyed seeing it.

Now I must redress the balance. My late sister wrote about a trip to Worthing in 2007. Like me, she didn’t know the place. Unlike me she decided it was a vibrant place. She visited in an August.

I was quite pleased to get away.

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