Ten Years ago

Ten years ago was when I was heavily into family genealogy. My wife and I took a brief holiday in Sussex to enable us to discover more and on this day, ten years ago, we visited my birth parish of Wadhurst in Sussex and took a look at the graveyard there. I had ancestors called Clark or Clarke who also came from this Sussex village and I wondered if any graves might help trace family members. So here’s a photo taken ten years ago today.


This grave remembers Rhoda Hannah Clark who died April 16th 1926 aged 77 and also her husband Stephen who died January 2nd 1932 aged 84.

So were they related to me? The first thing I did was look up the marriage and I found it was in 1867 in Tonbridge. Rhoda’s maiden name was Heasman – not a surname known to me. The marriage was handily early. Stephen and Clark are common names, but that marriage gave me plenty of censuses to find Stephen and Rhoda together.

The 1871 census gave me vital information. Both Stephen and Rhoda were Wadhurst born. That made it worth checking out Stephen who could be found, with parents, on the 1851 census. His parents were Edward and Ann.

I’m afraid I have no ending to this story. My gut feeling is that Stephen is a relative but as yet I have not proved it.

But if Steven is related then these folks are as well – another Clark grave photographed ten years ago at Wadhurst.


John is the son of Stephen and Hannah.

I rarely find time for my own family history these days. Volunteering at a local museum means I spend time doing genealogy for others – and for fun.



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