The Snowdon Railway

Back in 1973 we took a brief holiday in North Wales. A treat on this holiday was to ride to the top of Mount Snowdon on the train. It starts at LLanberis just 60 metres above sea level. It takes you virtually to the summit of Wales’ tallest mountain at 1084 metres. That’s a mighty rise for a railway and it looks steep as soon as the train leaves Llanberis



The weather was iffy. Note the people on the left wearing raincoats and sheltering under brollies.

The steam engine pushes the coach up the mountain but metal wheels on smooth metal rails would never suffice. This line has a third rail between the other two and this is toothed.  You can see the toothed rail down by Llanberis Station.


In terms of view it was adead loss going to the summit of Snowdon. From the actual summit you couldn’t see the station just a few metres away. Fortunately, it had an electricity generator running and you could safely navigate by the noise that made.


That’s me at the top of Snowdon having travelled up by train. A wonderful journey but lacking the honour of walking it!


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