Purbeck Mineral and Mining Museum

I thought this museum was fantastic, even though some is outside and the day we were there was very, very rainy.

The museum is sited at the Norden station of the Swanage Railway. This has a large car park and gives scope for a grand day out. But the museum is somewhere not to miss.

The bits of tramway are just lovely. They look the part and I love this junction for hand pushed mine trucks.


That square of metal in the background is a sort of four way junction.image004In better weather we might have spent more time outside. There are good explanation boards and things to see. But it was throwing it down so we headed for the recreation of a mine head.

The ball clay that was mined had all sorts of use.


It was ideal for clay pipes but also used in products from insulators to a cleansing agent for piano key hammers.

A very child friendly model of a pit tramway. Well, it amused me!


When ready you can descend into the mine. There had been a mine here but this is pure re-creation and 100% above ground. But as you descend you’ll forget that you are well above ground level. It has the feel and atmosphere of a mine. It is dimly lit – enough to see by, but I used flash to show up mine and wife.


At the end of the mine you get to the clay face.



Having admired all there is to see you turn to the right and find yourself outside and right by the entrance to the site.

Guess what. It’s free but donations are requested with a suggestion of a pound a person. Having seen it, it is worth more – a lovely bonus for a day out on Purbeck.

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