Great Grandfather’s Grave

I have visited my great grandfather’s grave at Hadlow Down in Sussex on several occasions. I never knew him for he died before my dad was born but he is part of my family history and, obviously, I knew people, like my Grandad, who knew him well.

I never knew his grave with any kind of memorial but it had one when he died – a simple wooden affair that obviously would not last for ever and here it is.


When I looked at this picture just recently, I noted the dome to the left of the grave.

‘Good grief’, I thought. ‘Great Grandad had an immortelle on his grave. I had certainly never heard this mentioned. I know a bit about immortelles for we have one in the museum I volunteer at.

This is what it looks like.image003Under the dome, protected here by a wire frame, there is a floral display made of delicate china.

We have seen these items in grave yards in Wales and here are some at Eglwys LLanfinhangel


Now I realise Great Grandfather had one I shall be even more interested in these delicate grave ornaments.


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