Brill Mill

From Brill in Buckinghamshire to central London is something like 45 miles in s straight line. Yet once this lovely village was served by trains operated by London Underground. But in visiting Brill on Spring Bank Holiday Sunday we were not interested in the old railway which closed in 1935 but rather with the mill. Now I featured this on this blog back in January (click here) but that was about a visit in the early 1980s. We had the mill to ourselves then. On a sunny Sunday afternoon we certainly did not. The place was humming with people.

The mill features on village signs.


But actually that isn’t quite the mill as we see it now. On the road sign it has a trestle base. These days there is a round house. However, the sign shows, quite rightly, the simplest of mills. It is a post mill where the whole structure hangs from the central, hefty support and is free to turn on it. Turning was achieved by hand – pushing the pole poking out of the back of the mill. The miller could make sure his sails faced the wind to extract the maximum power from it.

And here is the mill on its lovely hill top site.image004

Yes, there were other people about. The deserted mill photo I might have hoped for was not to be, but never mind.

Actually, hunting out the right location and using a low angle all but got rid of all trace of people and it gave a clue to the wonderful weather.image006The mill was open so we paid our couple of quid and went in.


It’s a cramped space. On either side of the horizontal wheel we have grain hoppers. At the bottom, cased in, as always, are the grinding stones. The floor below collects and grades grain and is where the miller ‘drives’ the mill.

There are only a couple of small windows in the mill but views are good.


No! I have no idea what the white building is.


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