A card from one sister to another

My Great Granny came from Butley in Suffolk but for reasons still unknown moved to Isfield in Sussex sometime in the 1870s. Her older sister, Ellen, was already in that area and they were joined by Susannah, a third sister in the 1890s.

It might have been a bit of a surprise that Susan(nah) sent this card to my great gran well into the twentieth century.


This, as we can see, is the Post Office and Street at Butley, birth place and youthful dwelling place for great gran.

By the time the card was sent Great Gran lived in Ringmer.image004We think the postmark is for 1927 and that could explain why the card was sent just to Mrs G Stevens (née Sarah Ann Crosby). Her husband, George Stevens, died in 1926.

The postmark is definitely for December 23rd so it is no surprise there is a Christmas message.image005With the Christmas greeting is the simple ‘Do you recognise this picture?’ It is signed by sister Susan(nah) and her daughter Nellie.

Nellie, my gran’s cousin, was known to me as ‘Nellie at Isfield’.


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3 Responses to “A card from one sister to another”

  1. Patrick Podd Says:

    I recognise this as very little has changed in the Street since. As previously said I lived in Forge Cottage in the 1990s. I can ask Maisie Pettitt who has lived on the corner at no 1 The Street if you need any information. She has lived there since the 1940s with her (now deceased) husband, Bob.

    • locksands Says:

      Maisie might be interested in the photo. It would be interesting to know if Maisie knew of anybody called Crosby (sometimes Crosbey or Crossby) in Butley or anybody called Mann. Eliza Crosby married Charles Mann and they stayed in Butley (area) until they died in 1931/2. They had four sons who I haven’t traced beyond the 1911 census. Harry Mann, we know, was killed in WW1 But that leaves Charles, born in 1888, William (sometimes George) in 1892, and Edward in 1896.


      • Patrick Podd Says:

        Mann is a very common name in the area and Manns of Alderton are one of the main farming families in the area, along with the Greenwells of Boyton (Major James and Sir Edward). I’ll check if Maisie knows anyone called Crosby.


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