From time to time imagination can turn wild. I’m not talking anything hallucinatory, but sometimes we can imagine things which we know are not real. Sometimes it might be clouds which make shapes. I recall a row of telegraph poles over a hill which, if you got to the right point formed into triangles and we always called this childhood scene, ‘the stegosaurus’.  Trees in the distance can often spark imagination and that’s what has happened here.


It won’t surprise readers that the odd assortment of trees near the centre – as seen by eye from my sitting room – looked to me like a weird train of the Heath Robinson kind but zoom in and things change.

image003 On the right we clearly have a pair of weird and wonderful birds kissing whilst on the left two characters with interesting hairdos are having a face off. It is all too apart to be a train.

But how lucky I am to be able to look out and have a smile brought to me by my own silly thoughts.




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