A 1999 birthday card

A 1999 birthday card

My sister, as she got older, tried to avoid buying new things if a suitable second hand item could be bought. At times I reckon she took this too far but then, I guess she was happy.

And often what she found was appreciated. In 1999 she had found this older postcard of my local town of Devizes.


For some reason the main shopping street in Devizes is called The Brittox and this is it, or was, probably in the early 1950s.

This is much like the street looked when I first knew it in 1970 although the cars did look more modern by then. There are shops I remember like the local tailor, Robert Kemp with the more off the peg Foster Brothers next to it. I think Home and Colonial still operated, but the delivery bikes had probably gone by 1970.

These days this is a pedestrian street and shops have changed. These days we tend to have coffee shops and charity shops.

Nice memories of now long gone times.


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