The Beattie Bash revisited.

Just occasionally I set up one of my cameras to take a movie. I did so at the Beattie bash at the Buckinghamshire Railway centre back on May 29th.

I have only just got around to uploading it.

Let’s picture the scene. In the distance, on the left, the two Beattie well tanks dating from the 1870s and first seen by me back in 1961 at Wadebridge, are about to start towards us with their rather strange mix of carriages. On the right an industrial loco has what looks like a goods train and that, too is about to head towards us. One of the trucks has been fitted out with park benches. It, too, carries passengers.

This is a still of the two trains.


The old London and South Western Railway locos are on the left – the very two locos that once hauled me on a special train before they were withdrawn from mainline service in 1962. The special train took us around lines in Southwest London – precisely what these engines were originally built for. They are the Beatties from the 1870s. On the right the loco never saw mainline service. She’s a youngster, built in 1948 for use at a Cortaulds industrial site. She worked at three different such factories until 1968 when she was taken out of service and sold into preservation.

Because I am mean, I can’t upload videos direct into this blog but click here to see and hear these trains as they approach and pass us.


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