Deer delight

Actually, it isn’t all delight for just before these pictures were taken we had seen this beast browsing on our runner bean plants. But take the rough with the smooth – he’s a delightful sight.

My wife and I both took photos. She uses an elderly Olympus camera it has a three times optical zoom and a maximum resolution of 1.3 megapixels. But it takes sharp, clear photos. She occupied a downstairs room for taking photos and therefore the pictures were through double glazing. I used an 18 times zoom bridge camera – also not all that new these days but taking pictures up to 14 megapixels in resolution. I used an upstairs room for photographs and got a window open so I wasn’t taking through extra glass.

Between us we set the scene and get close up shots.


That’s the view from our house so we are always lucky. By this time the deer was aware we were watching it. It stood and stared at us for quite some time.


The alertness is clear. He’s a tad worried about where he is and who is looking. Eventually he moved off just a little.


But then he stopped and appeared to pose for us out in the open on our lawn.


Now how delightful is that.

He is definitely a male roe deer or roebuck. The female of the species does not grow antlers. Roe deer tend to avoid open spaces like this and broad daylight. I believe the technical term is that they are crepuscular – animals of the twilight and most active just before dawn and just after dusk. This one clearly hadn’t known this for, as can be seen, this was well before dusk.

Our garden is grand for wildlife but it’s a shame so much of it wants to eat our plants.


The following morning a male roe deer chased a female in our front garden and out across the field.



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