Nellie and Reuben at camp

Nellie was my Gran’s cousin. She was the daughter of Susannah Allen whereas my gran descended from Susannah’s sister, Sarah Ann. I still don’t know why Sarah Ann, Susannah and their elder sister Ellen all left the Butley area in Suffolk to come and live in the Isfield area of Sussex.

By the time of my childhood that older generation were long gone, but my dad knew of people and when we were at camp we could cycle to Isfield and see Nellie and Reuben, her husband. But this picture shows the two of them visiting us at camp, on Furlongs Farm. I guess it was after 1959 when Dad got a car. He’d have driven up to Isfield to collect them.


Standing at the back is a boy I can’t 100% identify. It doesn’t quite look like my brother but I guess it is. And the smaller boy is me.

Sitting we have my mum, Nellie, Reuben and my dad. As you can see, we sat quite comfortably at camp. There was space for our family to sit around a table in the tent if that was what the weather demanded.

Ellen was born in 1894. She married John Newnham in 1917 but he died in 1930. She married Reuben in 1934. He died in 1964. Nellie followed him in 1978. Both are buried at Isfield.


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