Sitting on the edge of the pond.

We are lucky. There’s a chance of seeing all five classes of vertebrate animals on our patch of land.

Fish we can only see by courtesy of introduced ones in our biggest pond.

Wild mammals are all too common in terms of pesky ones. We have rabbits and deer which eat our plants. Rats, mice and squirrels which gnaw through things, moles and badgers which dig holes. There are foxes about as well as voles and shrews. I’d expect there to be weasels and stoats but I haven’t seen them. Sadly, we haven’t seen a hedgehog for years.

Birds are too numerous to mention. At the moment my lawn has a good covering of wing flapping, squawking young rooks hoping to persuade a parent to feed them.

Reptiles we rarely see but I have seen lizards this year and I have seen grass snakes and slow worms.

But, sitting on the edge of a pond is an amphibian – a frog. This was back in 2001


Sometimes we find newts in the pond as well and toads are pretty numerous.

On a few occasions we have had tadpoles in the pond and then there is a glorious day when the froglets set off in search of somewhere safe.image004

This gorgeous little beauty was working across our lawn in 2006.

And here’s a froglet next to a 2p coin for scale.


Not a good photo, but you can see the little amphibian could easily fit on the coin. This one was in 2005.

Lovely animals and how lucky we are.

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