A woodpecker in the roses

I love the woodpeckers – and indeed the other birds that visit our garden. But woodpeckers, both green and spotted are special if not uncommon. We are accustomed to the green peckers getting down to business on our lawn, picking ants out of it. We are accustomed to them on tree trunks, telegraph poles or fence posts – just hanging out. But I was surprised by this one which perched in a rose climbing over a pergola.


The astute might recognise that this is not just rose. There is a grapevine as well.

What a marvellous scene and once again I can talk of my luck in being able to sit at our meal table watching this kind of thing.

I had a camera to hand because a few minutes earlier a red kite – not yet a common sight here = had flown over. By the time I had my camera it was gone and as yet I haven’t seen it again. But the camera was there for our woodpecker friend.

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