Snigs End

Snigs End was a Chartist community. The chartists sought better conditions and rights for working class people in the first years of Queen Victoria’s reign. A few communities of simple houses with land to support a family were built and one is called Stigs End which is at Corse in Gloucestershire.

I put this page together after we visited in 2008.

The museum in Corse church had told us that bungalows had been built to suit the incomers who hoped to be happy working on the land. The bungalows may seem small and simple but by 1847 slum standards they were mansions.



The houses were laid out for smallholders with more space for animals and storage than for mere living.


These former Chartist homes still exist.


image008They have been modernised, but the basic structure remains the same. The area name of Snigs End is remembered as well.


There really were quite a lot of these bungalows built.


This was a fascinating insight into a failed scheme for us. We certainly enjoyed taking it in.

Back home, an extra interest cropped up for I found, on, a list of the original holders of sites at the Snigs End Chartist colony.

Snigs End Land allocated in June 1848
Two acres Three acres Four acres
Emma Andrews, Banbury
S.Whalley, Manchester
J.Holt, Manchester
J.Hudson, Leicester
J.Carter. Upton-on-Severn
C.Frith, Greenwich
W.Curtis, London
W.Peckitt, office list
C.Jay, Hull
R.Wilson, Walsoken
C.Firth, office list
J.Harmer, office list
J.Smith, Birmingham
S.Needham, Derby
T.Sutton, office list
J.Langley, Norwich
F.Staples, J.Staples – family ticket, office list
J.Teague, Bilston
Mary Clarkson, Addingham
I.Goodhall, Market Lavington
W.Gray, Market Lavington

C.Buddecombe, Southampton
E.Edesbury, office list
W.Dart, Exeter
T.Hope, Ledbury
T.Ashman, Mells
R.Heppenstall, Hull
R.Bains, Newcastle-on-Tyne
J.West, office list
J.Robertson, Stalybridge
R.Halsale, Chorley
R.Daniels, office
D.O’Brien, Alva
J.Kay, T.Buckby – family ticket, Ashton-under-Lyne
J.Watson, Dewsbury
J.Buswell, Banbury
A.Cleland, Glasgow
G.Close, Nottingham
T.Saville, Halifax
R.Winter, Hull
H.Oliver, Newport Pagnall
Matthew Brown, office list
Donal Robinson, Edinburgh
W.Gent, Wellingborough
Doyle, O’Connorville
Baker, Birmingham
G.Wheeler, Reading
Cornwall, Bradford
Rawson, Manchester
Smith, London
Kindell, Bradford
W.Colston, Derby
J.Wakeman, Torquay
T.Newson, Dewsbury
D.Powell, Merthyr Tydfil
J.Brand, Sleaford
J.Rice, Bradford
T.Franklin, Limehouse
J.Kinross, A.Kinross – family ticket, Alva
J.Lawton, Retford
J.Simpson, Esther Hunt – family ticket, Manchester
R.Jarvis, office list
J.Smith, Rouen, France
E.Gee, Wigan
W.James, Merthyr Tydfil
J.Miller, Newton Abbot
J.Carew, Manchester
J.Ramsey, Glasgow
W.Jarrett, office list
T.Launchbury, Kidderminster

So two of the land holders, successful in the ballot for a plot at Snigs End (highlighted) came from my home village.



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