Fall and Corrie in the Slieve Mish Mountains

The Slieve Mish mountain range is in County Kerry in Eire. But first the confession. In those old days of photography, by the time you had taken your film and had it processed it was all too easy not to know where a photo was taken. My label says Slieve Mish Mountains but my memory makes me think it was near Carrauntoohil which is Eire’s highest point. That’s in Kerry, but not in the Slieve Mish range.

Anyway, here is my photo taken on the Canon Demi with Agfachrome 64 slide film.


Now time to honour my old Geography teacher, Mr Cole again. He taught me about glaciation and falls and corries. This looks classic glaciation scenery to me. We have a cirque formed by ice and when the ice melted the depression filled with water to form the corrie or tarn. The glacier may well have left a heap of rocks known as a moraine as it melted which formed a barrier to keep the corrie water in place. The little ridge running off shot to the right could be such a moraine.

The photo dates from August 1971 – 45 years ago but I still remember my delight at finding this scene which up until then had just been a description in one of Mr Cole’s lessons for GCE.



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