Cigs and Veps at Crawley

1998 was not, for me, a good time on the railways of Britain but I still took the odd photo. Here we see my old home town of Crawley in Sussex and just arriving at the station is a former 4-Cig in the hideous livery that Connex used back then.


Back in the 1960s the Cigs had replaced my much loved 6-Puls and 6-Pans. They had been built in the 1930s. By 1998 these Cigs were life expired and got castigated as ‘slam doors’. They were, and perhaps rightly, not deemed suitable for the 21st century.

My luck was in as two trains passed at Crawley.image004

On the left we see the back of the Cig train. These had been built to be mainline express trains and had the benefit of big picture windows. On the right a stopping train made up of a 4-Vep is arriving. These were pretty hideous items from day one – which was after the Cigs were built. These had a door to every seating bay to get people on and off quickly and the seats were narrow. Whereas the Cig had two seats each side of the central corridor the Veps had two seats on one side and three on the other. They were built to replace the old stopping electric units of various kinds. Their one virtue was that they were gangwayed throughout the train so you could get on and then find a seat.

These photos were amongst my earliest digital pictures. I was in possession of a very basic digital camera in 1998.


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