Beryl Ware

Beryl Grace Ware was my great aunt. I do not know if I ever met her. She was the second daughter of William Thomas Ware and Sarah Jane (nee) Kesby. She was born between October and December 1910

Her siblings were Will, Cis, Alfred, Reg, Ron and Marj. Reg was my grandfather.


The picture is ‘as found’ and de-scratched and features Beryl – the little girl. It was taken in about 1916. Seated are Sarah Jane (nee Kesby) and William Thomas Ware my great grandparents.

Clockwise round – the little lad is Ron Ware, then Reg Ware, William Ware, Cis Ware, Alfred Ware and  Beryl Ware.

Beryl married Roy Harris who worked at the ‘Crystalate’ (record factory) and later at the waterworks with his father in law.

Beryl had a son, Anthony, born during World War One.

Beryl as a young woman.



Beryl and Roy Harris are the left hand pair on this 1935 photo of her sister, Marge, marrying Les Clifton.

Roy was keen on painting. This is a piece of his early work


Beryl is on the left of this picture taken at her brother Ron’s golden wedding celebrations in 1983. Her niece, Vera Sparrowhawk is on the right.


Beryl died in 1995

My late uncle, Bill Ware wrote

Roy Harris worked for the record company in Tonbridge until it was sold then he worked at the water works.

Beryl worked for Marks and Spencer in Tunbridge Well until her marriage then only part time in shops around Tonbridge


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