Back in 2014 a nephew got married near Hull. It gave us an opportunity to explore the area and we heard tell of a monolith at Rudston which is up towards Bridlington. We decided to take a look at the place and found more of interest than just the monolith.

Here we have the grave of ten year old Alistair Thompson who died back in 1953. I wonder how much that is a likeness of the poor lad.


Another grave plot seemed grand.


And when you got close enough to read it, it seemed misplaced in East Yorkshire.


We certainly weren’t expecting to find the burial site of Macdonald of the Isles here.

There’s quite a crop of them. Here’s one at a readable size.


So, they were chiefs of Sleat. That’s on the Isle of Skye.

The church actually had some bits of tile inset in the walls. We rather liked it.


So far we had not seen what brought us to Rudston – which was the monolith which certainly is a megalith of a monolith. In other words it’s an enormous, standing stone which ancient men planted there. It’s truly enormous – actually, it’s the tallest such stone in Britain.


That’s it from one angle and below from another.


There’s a brief message to explain this amazing stone.


Let’s give it a bit of scale – and compare it with my wife


And finally, I was pleased to find a benchmark on the church wall.


That’s a bit of Rudston – an interesting little place!


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