Today I return to old friends with a couple of photos taken some three weeks ago.


Yes, it is one of our local green woodpeckers but as I see them they tend to be lawnpeckers. In the picture above the bird is taking a quick look around to ensure safety but he or she is soon back to the task at hand. For the pecker the task is finding soil creatures. I hope they are to take back to a nest to feed the youngsters. But at the same time he is doing a fine job of aerating my lawn with that powerful probing beak.


The head just pumps up and down – no wonder it is a tad blurred. In fact all the movements are rapid. The bird puts his head up and appears to be posing nicely but by the time you’ve pressed the shutter – already half pressed to get set as it were, the head is back down as it seeks its prey. It is actually a bit lucky to get the perfect head up shot but here I decided to show what the woodpecker does best.


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