Granny’s Birthday Book

Many people kept and many may still keep a birthday book listing the days when friends and family members were born. This one was my Granny’s book.


Birthday wishes from Tennyson? All will be explained. In fact this was a gift from my grandfather to granny, years before they married.


There is the inscription. Granny’s birthday was January 1st so this was a birthday present from my grandad to what was then his teenaged girlfriend.

So, of course, the first birthday in the book is Granny’s own.


My dad added the year and the date of death.

Granny was often a bit fierce when it came to eradicating the names of people who died.


I think this says Aunty Emmie. She was the wife of one of Grandad’s brothers.

But Granny’s sister appears to have been allowed to remain on the books, as it were, after her premature demise.


Clearly, this is information which could be useful to a family history researcher. But sadly, Emily (always known by her middle name of Sue) had no children. I never knew her, but I rather think memory of her and photos of her are probably only with me.

Now why was Tennyson mentioned? Well, every day has a Tennyson quote associated with it and this is the one for Emily S Stevens.


What a great little item to have and to hold


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