Brenda was my mum’s cousin. She was the daughter of my Great Uncle Ron and was born in 1934. That made her roughly midway in age between my mum and me.

I can’t say I saw much of her until the last twenty years or so of her life. She lived in Tonbridge in Kent and trips there involved seeing grandparents, possibly an uncle or aunt and sometimes a great aunt or uncle. We tended to see Great Uncle Ron in his antique shop – or junk shop as we all called it and Brenda inherited his love of old items and also the shop.

Here is Brenda, a lovely caring, sharing lady sitting at the back of the shop.


This photo dates from 2001. My sister visited and wrote this.

….It was but a little way then to call on Mum’s cousin Brenda, sitting in the back of the most wonderful jumble of an antiques shop. I hadn’t seen her for a few years, but when I told the lady in the shop to tell Brenda that Paula was here she called out “Oh I was thinking about you because I have some toys!” She made a cup of tea and I browsed through all the higgledy-piggledy items. The shop was busy – lots of dealers in and she always knew who they were and what they wanted and could always put her hand on just the little item that they might be interested in.

Brenda was probably the last person I really knew who lived in Tonbridge. She died in 2014.


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