Bragging rights

Back at August Bank Holiday weekend we had our village produce show. So who came away with the bragging rights?

Some of us have to make do with odd little bits of success and I am proud of the fudge I make. I have learned, by being a helper at the show, to take note of what judges like and to learn from what they say. I have learned that our food judge seems to be very fond of my fudge. It has won three firsts and a second in the last 4 years. It looks ordinary but it is packed with everything bad for you and seems to be very popular.


So that’s my fudge on the small blue plate and I’m totally happy for my wife’s sweets, on the yellow plate came third. And here’s the judge’s comment.

image004I’m very happy with ‘lovely flavour and consistency.

But my wife has the real bragging rights with a collection of trophies but I’ll pick on her first prize loaf of bread.

image006And the comment here…

image008Brilliant – now who wouldn’t feel just a tad smug with that comment?


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One Response to “Bragging rights”

  1. Timo Jouko Herrmann Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I came across your post on Mathias Hess yesterday, and I’m glad to share some information on this matter with you.

    Mathias Hess was a close friend to my family, escpecially to my grandaunt and granduncle. He was born on February 2nd 1899 in Walldorf near Heidelberg (my hometown also) and died on May 25th 1967 in Karlsruhe.

    My family os lucky to own a great number of his paintings and drawings, some of them created in England (one of them showing the church of Alfriston in East Sussex).

    We’re still in contact with his daugther Ingeborg (born in 1937) who lives in Paris. Her stage name is Maria Machado, and she played primarily in French theatres, but appeared also in some movies, for example in Jean Becker’s ” L’Été meurtrier” (1983). She was married to the famous French author Roland Dubillard who died in 2011.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in some more information on Hess. He also created a beautiful book on his hometown Walldorf in 1950 (“Unser Walldorf – Heimatbuch der Stadt Walldorf”) which was reissued by the city of Walldorf in 2008.

    Yours sincerely,
    Dr. Timo Jouko Herrmann

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