An Oxo tin

Oxo tins must be incredibly common. I have several from different eras and in different sizes. The fact of the matter was that having used the Oxo cubes inside, the tins made very handy storage containers. Here is a very well used small tin.


This could date from the 1930s although I certainly can’t be sure of this.


The tin has writing on all sides but most of it is too worn to be readable.


We clearly see a tin which has seen much more use than storing the six Oxo cubes until used.

The inside is in better order.


The inside of the lid has a readable message and then we can see what became of the tin.


Yes, it was part of somebody’s sewing kit. Those spools are, I believe, the ones that were used on earlier Singer sewing machines.

This tin and contents was given to me as a present. I’m not knocking it as a gift at all but in case anyone should ask, my guess is that the cash value is approximately nothing.

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