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Brown and May

July 23, 2013

Brown and May were agricultural engineers in Devizes. They ceased trading 100 years ago in 1913. The centenary of the closure was marked by the Brown and May trust, in Devizes. You can read a brief company history on the photo below.


There are believed to be 16 extant Brown and May engines. 14 of them were on display.


Here’s a portable in need of attention.


A steam tractor


A showman’s engine


A Brown and May transfer.


A works plate on a portable.

But Brown and May advertised and there were little paper exhibits too.


An idyllic scene with some equipment prices.


And Brown and May made smaller items, like these weighing scales.

What a great item – and a great event too.


Granny and Grandad in cheap photos

April 24, 2013

I have recently taken a fresh look at the suitcase of family photos my stepmother passed to me. It is more than ten years since I digitised the photos and time moves on. I can now get much better images. Take this glorious photo of my Granny, for example. The original is tiny as you might expect for a cheap photo. It’s three by three and a half centimetres.


There is one of Grandad as well.


I can now introduce you to a fantastically helpful website. These photos have an address on them and that enabled me to find Well of course, it’s of most interest if the photo you have has a Sussex connection. My photos have, for Granny and Grandad were Sussex people. The web site tells me that these studios were in Brighton. I’m rather hoping the numbers might help us to get an accurate date. For now I’ll guess at before the start of World War 1. The photos were taken at the Sticky Back studio in Brighton and the photos came with lick and stick glue on the reverse.

Granny and Grandad married in 1916.

The site has a lot of photos and might help anyone date their own old images.

Great Grandfather’s Grave

November 26, 2012

It is almost 100 years since Great Grandfather died. There’ll be nobody alive now who knew him. He departed this life on January 28th 1913 and his Baptist beliefs would have made him certain of better things to come in the hereafter.

Great Grandfather had become crippled with arthritis. He was weary of this life and was ready to go to that better place he was certain of.

Great Grandfather was buried in his local churchyard – Hadlow Down in East Sussex. A wooden memorial was erected on the grave. Some years later, Grandfather took a photo of the grave.

How lovely to have that photo, for the wooden memorial has long since rotted away. There is not a sign of it in existence any more. But maybe a better memorial has taken its place. For, as in Flanders fields, where the poppies grow, natural flora has grown on the grave. This was what grew on the site in June 2006.

Yes, an orchid has sprouted. I’m fairly sure this is the most ordinary British orchid – the common spotted. But beauty doesn’t change or lessen just because something is common.  I think it is a great memorial to Great grandfather.