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Old friends

July 28, 2014

I’m looking back to 1969 or 70 today and a bunch of old friends. We were all at college together in south east London and I think I took this photo on an area of parkland called Hilly Fields.


From left to right we have Nigel, Tony, Rog, Sue and Trev.

Sadly, I am not really in touch with any of them now. Tony died last year and I have seen Rog in recent years but he seems to have dropped off the radar at the moment. He ended up marrying Trev’s sister so when I saw Rog I got news of Trev (who I believe split up with Sue) but I haven’t seen Trev since college days.

I have seen Nigel just once in the past 44 years – enough to say he hadn’t changed – and I was fond of him when he was a student so that’s a positive comment.

Where are you all now?

Actually, I’m quite fond of the photo – just more than a silhouette and enough for me to recognise the features of the old friends.