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The Rye and Camber Tramway

March 28, 2015

Now here’s a little railway in Sussex which I never knew. It opened, under the direction of Holman Stephens in 1895. It was closed on the outbreak of war in 1939 and never reopened.

I have a little book about the line, given to me by my father.


Peter Harding had this book published thirty years ago, in 1985. It is well illustrated; the little line was clearly well photographed. Here we see the steam loco which was called Camber.


Perhaps we can gauge the lack of local population from that photo.

What makes the book special for me is that my dad put a record card in it.


Dad’s writing was never easy so I’ll transcribe.

I travelled once only Rye – Camber – Rye around 1930. A Sunday School treat took us to Rye and as there was not much for a 9 or 10 year old we spent some of our scarce pocket money on the train. There was nothing to do at Camber either so we came back. I should have remembered an antique steam engine and am fairly certain that the train was petrol hauled.

So presumably Dad was hauled by this little beast, illustrated in the book.


What fascinates me is that such an antiquated form of transport was still in operation within living memory – for people over 80. Actually, a future post might show a similar loco still in operation.