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Anglo Brewery Bottle

March 15, 2016

Here’s an item I shouldn’t have for it just doesn’t fit my interest mix, but nonetheless, I like it.

I have had occasion before, on this blog, to say I am not a bottle collector yet what we have here is another bottle.


This is a handsome bit of glass and I think a quart sized bottle – 2 pints.

It came from the ‘Anglo’ Brewery in Shepton Mallet.

image004Now they, it seems, were renowned as the first brewers of lager in this country. I’m not anti alcoholic drinks but I rarely imbibe. And if I do it certainly isn’t lager which I really don’t like.

But of course, I do like industrial history and this bottle represents a piece of that.

By the way, the stopper I have in the bottle fits but doesn’t match. It’s a Wadworth of Devizes screw in stopper.

image006Wadworth is still a very active brewery in my most local town.

The Anglo Brewery, on the other hand, after a very successful period from opening in 1864 until 1914, is now long closed. With its emphasis on lagers it had been known as the ‘Anglo’ Bavarian Brewery and at the outbreak of WW1 in 1914 anti German sentiment was very strong and sales of the beer plummeted. The company removed the word ‘Bavarian’ from all products but it made little difference and by 1921 the business shut down. This bottle does not have the word ‘Bavarian’ on it and that suggests it dates from that 1914-21 period in the company’s declining years.

The brewery building, a handsome edifice, still stands in Shepton Mallet.

So, although I don’t collect bottles and dislike lager, I find this bottle has a fascinating history.