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August 19, 2016

Ardrossan, on the west coast of Scotland is a place where you can catch a ferry to Arran. We have travelled that route in the past but on a recent visit we just found a place just north of Ardrossan which was handy for a picnic, with parking, tables and a view.

Of course we saw the ferries making the journey.


Clearly a Calmac ferry and the island of Arran is not that far away.


The ferry approaches Arran.

There is always bird life to see. The two common wading birds are the oystercatcher…


…and the curlew.


I’m not sure what he has in his beak.

There are wild flowers on the beach as well.


And that photo shows us that it really was a dull day as far as weather was concerned. Hardly summer at all! But actually it was late July.

Arran – 2001

October 30, 2014

We spent one day on the Isle of Arran back in 2001. We had camped on the Mull of Kintyre and the short journey back was via Arran and a couple of ferries.

And guess what? Our one visit was a day when our old friend, the paddle steamer Waverley called in at Broddick, on the island.


There she is at Broddick Pier and soon she was off on her way.


Waverley turned


and headed off with Goat Fell, Arran’s highest peak, in the background.


Now how lucky was that?



January 23, 2013

Scottish Islands have become something of a speciality of ours over the last dozen or so years but back in 2001 they were still something of a novelty. So, too, was digital pghotography and that relatively easy ability to stitch photos together to make a panorama. Actually, in 2001 it still required computer skills. I, at least, had no auto-panorama facility.

But we have to have a go at things and standing at Claonaig on Kintyre (mainland), awaiting the ferry to Lochranza on the Isle of Arran, I took a few shots of the mountainous northern end of that island, some 5 miles away. I’d have been using my superb Olympus  Camedia camera with its 1.3 mega pixel capability. It sounds laughable in today’s terms but that camera continues to turn out super photos, albeit not taken by me. I can happily say it is the eye and brain behind the camera that really matters.

Back home I probably used some very cheap photo software to splice the images together, making adjustments to the brightness of each image to try to ensure a match. Looking at the image now, I reckon I used wiggly lines as the join between one photo and the next and I should say I did a bit of smudging as well. Here’s the image.


Now the blog format isn’t the best for panoramas but as ever you can click on the picture to see a larger version – albeit not as big as my original panorama.

We can see it was a grey day. At the left hand end (which is the north) we have Cock of Arran. Goat Fell, the highest mountain on the island 874 metres) is roughly in the middle of the image, but it is behind the range of nearer hills. These only go up to about 720 metres. At the right hand end the land slopes down to Whitefarland Point.

Many more Scottish islands have been visited since then. Bothering with putting together panoramas has rarely been done.