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Summer at Weymouth

September 7, 2016

My wife’s birthday corresponded with one of the warm weather days in August. We took the train down to Weymouth to enjoy a seaside day.


The place was heaving with people. Weymouth looked like the photos of summer beaches that newspapers used to publish back in the 1950s.


Now if you are one of the travelling folk who go to remote places you might hate this sight. I prefer quiet and peaceful myself, but here we had thousands of people just enjoying sun, sea and sand. And, hopefully, some of them bought things and put some money into Weymouth’s coffers.

It looks a merry, happy throng.

Weymouth seems to have traditional entertainments. There is a Punch and Jud

That’s a grand puppet theatre.


I used to love swingboats and there they were on Weymouth beach.


There’s a helter-skelter.


And of course there are donkey rides seen here with a new attraction beyond – the Jurassic Skyline.



There’s even a simple beach crazy golf.

Actually, these attractions were not doing a roaring trade as we passed. But then maybe many folks were having lunch.

It was definitely an experience and tomorrow I’ll describe rail journeys which, for many were not such a good experience.


Mr Punch at Swanage once more

August 24, 2016

On a recent visit to Swanage I took a six year old grandson. I had an excuse to visit and watch the Punch and Judy show.

The show, I feel, has been modernised a bit. Some little bits were quite clearly aimed at the adults. There were some political side swipes (and being Punch and Judy of course the swipes were real ones by Mr Punch and his stick) and also some innuendos which one has to hope were way beyond the little ones but which gained guffaws from the adults.

This year the Punch and Judy man is Professor J Burns. His site is where Punch and Judy shows have always been in Swanage – and they’ve had them for more than 100 years.

The plot was much as usual. Mr Punch was thoroughly bad to baby and was ticked off by a policeman who got sideswiped out of the way. Quite where the sausages came from I Wasn’t sure but they appeared and after some crosstalk and knockabout stuff, the crocodile ate them. At the end, our Professor proved that no real harm had come to anybody.


There’s Mr Punch with Joey the clown.


The shows main protagonists – Punch and Judy.


Punch, the croc and the sausages

I, for one, am delighted the old tradition keeps going. And at a pound a person it really is cheap entertainment these days.