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A Ditchling card

November 23, 2014

Ditchling is a village in Sussex.


This is a scene I remember well from my own childhood although this card was sent nearly forty years before I was born. It shopws the V shaped plantation of trees on Ditchling Beacon. They were planted in 1887 to mark the Golden Jubilee of the queen. Hence the V for Victoria.

This mark was something we looked out for on our journeys to and from camp. I daresay we sometimes saw corn stooks in the fields below the V as well.

The card was sent to a Miss Frost, just over the downs in Brighton.


I have no doubt that Miss Frost was a relative of mine – this card was in the possession of my grandmother. But I haven’t identified just which Miss Frost this was. Her initial appears to be ‘A’.


Miss A Frost  was obviously at 58 Warleigh Road in 1910. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there in 1911 for the census. Her identity remains a mystery to me. So, too, does HGH who sent the card.