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The fair in the Market Place

August 23, 2015

Devizes has been my local town for many a year. There have been times, now long ago, when I lived there and worked there. Back in the early 1970s I was happy to wander around with a camera and snap images. These were often black and white which I processed myself and here is one of them. It dates from about 1972.


Jennings Fair was and still is based in Devizes and so, not surprisingly there are fairs held on the green and sometimes, like on this occasion, in the Market Place. A big wheel no doubt provided riders with a good view down on the scene below but I never rode one in that location. This one is either being erected or taken down – I can’t remember which and it has to be said it looks quite flimsy in its incomplete form.

Other rides can be seen and on the left is a typical fair lorry – heavy, reliable and slow.

I think there are still fairs held in the Market Place in Devizes.